Sue Bayley: Colour Therapy

Where: Municipal Hall, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver

About the exhibition

Colours possess a profound ability to communicate with our souls, transcending language and tapping into primal responses deeply ingrained within us. Whether it's a single hue or a symphony of shades, colours have the power to unlock memories, evoke emotions, and envelop us in a sense of joy, comfort, and connection. 

The work of West Vancouver artist Sue Bayley embodies inspiration, hope, and the resilience to find beauty amidst darkness and offers a moment of respite and tranquility for the soul. Sue’s work delves into the intangible aspects of nature, capturing fleeting moments and enduring beauty through complex, expressive brushwork that echoes organic forms and colours. 

The freedom within her work serves as both a challenge and motivation to create something fresh and distinctive. Embracing abstract techniques allows Sue to experiment with materials, colours, and composition, while recent physical changes from illness have led her to adapt her artistic practice, painting with her non-dominant hand and using larger brushes for shorter durations. 

This exhibition features paintings from two series: Wild at Heart and Terra Incognita. Wild at Heart takes inspiration from the beauty inherent in the life cycle of plants, while Terra Incognita references Sue's memories of traveling and filming wilderness areas.

Artist bio

Sue Bayley specializes in creating vibrant, dynamic paintings using acrylic and water-based media. Originally from the United Kingdom, Sue has spent many years living throughout the Sea to Sky corridor, with creativity serving as the central passion of her life.

 While she has always painted, Sue's creative journey has taken various forms over the years including pursuits in ballet, rock music promotion, and film production. With a nomadic spirit, she has traversed the globe following these creative pursuits, yet painting has remained a constant. Her artistic education includes studying at the Chelsea School of Art in London and attending numerous art workshops organized by the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver. 

In 2023, Sue was honored with the Distinguished Artist Award at the Harmony Arts Festival for her significant contributions to the arts in West Vancouver. Her thirty-plus years of experience in film production have taken her to various corners of the world, managing projects ranging from movies to television series and commercials. Throughout it all, painting has remained a vital part of her life, especially as her family has grown and moved away, affording her more time to devote to her art. 

Sue's paintings have been exhibited and sold in galleries across the globe, from the Caribbean and Mexico to Europe and British Columbia. Currently, her work can be found at Leslie Jane in West Vancouver and Stock Home Design in Vancouver. Her pieces have been collected by both private individuals and corporate clients worldwide. 

Sue's life took a drastic turn when she was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), a chronic inflammation affecting all body systems. Despite these health challenges, painting remains an essential outlet for her emotions, bringing her joy and peace amidst illness and pain. The BC Cancer Foundation has utilized her artwork for donor appreciation cards, while BC Brain Wellness has featured her pieces in interviews and online exhibitions. Proceeds from the sale of her art support research into cures for lymphoma cancer and ME. 

Sue's health challenges have necessitated adjustments to her artistic practice, with limited energy and hand tremors making traditional methods challenging. She now employs larger brushes in her left hand, shorter periods on her feet, and slightly smaller canvases. Her paintings continue to exude flamboyant colours, vibrant energy, and abstract forms, bringing joy not only to herself but also to those who view her art.

Art in the Hall is presented by the Ferry Building Gallery to showcase visual artists from across the North Shore. For purchase inquiries, please contact the Ferry Building Gallery at [email protected] or 604-925-7290. Sales from this exhibition will benefit Canadian research into Cancer and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.