Featured Programs & Events

The Ferry Building Gallery creates and offers art lectures, tours and programs which reflect the cultural diversity of the North Shore community and provide a range of enriching experiences.


Painters' Landing
Impressions of Senegal & Mali
Carol Demers, Smoke-Fired Ceramic
Impressions of Northern Ethiopia
BC Culture Days
Ultimate Traveller: Impressions of Southern Ethiopia
The Body in Art
Impressions of Eritrea
Impressions of Kenya & Tanzania
Marleen Vemeulen
John Pickering, Rumi, 16" x 20"
Art History: Artists-Muses: Promises & Perils Part 1
Impressions of Uganda & Rwanda
Mapmaker's Soul
Niloofar Miry, Untitled Photograph
Art History: Artists-Muses: Promises & Perils Part 2
Impressions of Madagascar