Mixed media by Janice Beaudoin, Jayme Chalmers and Jane Hennessy

Opening Reception: Tuesday, February 25, 6–8 p.m.

Meet the Artists: Saturday, February 29, 2–3 p.m.

Janice Beaudoin experiments with ideas and materials. Her paintings begin unplanned as a playful and expressive exploration of shape, line and colour. This process of altering and adjusting–chaos and order–continues until the painting tells her it is complete. She moves back and forth between intuitive mark-making and intention that is gently guided by her design background.

Jayme Chalmers’ personal art practice is inventive from a material standpoint. His research focuses on the development of the modern portrait, with an emphasis on revealing the process and challenging how one views contemporary art, materials, meaning and routine. His practice has shifted away from creating portraiture in the form of large, site-specific installations to smaller, more intimate sculptural portraits. The work he is presenting in this show focuses on sculpting portraits from books – not from blocks of steel, stone or wood but from blocks of paper and bindings.

Jane Hennessy is an expressive figurative artist who captures the indefinable. Hennessy chooses living creatures, human and otherwise, as her subjects of choice. It’s the life essence that interests her: personality, quirkiness, joy, wisdom and vulnerability. A raven has a desire to show off, a deer is comfortable with sharing his beauty, a wolf has an intense bond with her pack. These are the qualities that she captures in her work and tries to personally emulate by being self-aware without the boundaries of an ego.