Mixed media by Frances Solar, Kolton Babych, Lorna Moffat, Sarah Symes and Nicole Rigets.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 6–8 p.m.

Meet the Artists: Saturday, January 11, 2020, 2–3 p.m.

Frances Solar combines traditional textile and weaving techniques with unconventional materials like copper wire, steel mesh, bike cogs, washers and other metals to create unique woven sculptures, both free-standing or wall-mounted. 

Growing up in Scotland, Lorna Moffat was surrounded by fabric, buttons and colourful knitting yarn in her granny’s drapery shop. She fuses traditional stitching techniques such as appliqué and mola work (a traditional hand-made textile used in Panama) with her own style of fabric manipulation to create her signature stitched and collaged surfaces on pillows, bags and blankets using wool, linen, cotton, silk and velvet.

Kolton Babych is presenting a series of digital prints cut with clean lines and woven together to generate a new imagery. He draws inspiration from high fashion, jewelry and the art world, incorporating a contemporary aesthetic into his work.

With a background in graphic design and architecture, Sarah Symes' unique self-discovery process is the result of many years developing skills and techniques with fabric. She selects quality fabrics and carefully washes and dyes them as needed. The fabric is stitched using a sewing machine in an improvised process similar to painting or collage, enabling the gradual build-up of colour and texture.

Nicole Rigets uses the camera as a buffer between what’s outside her body, mind and spirit and what’s in her body, mind and spirit. Some of her photography reveals the way light appears and images look when they are filtered and captured through her lens. Everything ‘out there’ speaks to her and she talks back with her camera.