Gallery Rentals




  • the gallery is available to rent after 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and most Mondays.
  • rentals are for a minimum of four hours and must include set-up and take-down time.
  • if you are having rentals delivered, it must at a time pre-arranged with gallery staff. Rentals must be picked up BEFORE the next day the gallery opens to the public. 

Space and accessibility

  • the gallery holds up to 50 seated people without any tables set up, and up to 70 standing people without any tables. 
  • please note our washroom is on the second floor and is not wheelchair accessible.
  • there are four rectangular tables you can use. We do not provide table cloths. 
  • we have a small kitchen facility with a microwave, fridge, coffee maker and kettle. We also have hot water and coffee carafes (the kind with pumps) available for you to use.

Floor Plan (inches)

Floor Plan (centimetres)

Fees and Permits

  • the rental charge for private rentals is $35.30 per hour with a four-hour minimum, $47.05 for commercial rentals, $23.50 per hour for a non-profit, plus $35 per hour for a rental attendant. Please note: A rental attendant is required for all rentals. The rental attendant will help with setup, operate the gallery’s sound system and A/V projector, if required, and be present during the rental for the security of the artwork. 
  • there is a $25 fee to rent the A/V projector if you require the use of our system.
  • we charge $75 for insurance if alcohol is being served, plus an insurance fee of $5 per hour. If alcohol is not being served, insurance costs are $5 per hour. Alternatively, you can provide your own insurance for the event. In this case, you must carry Public Liability Insurance with a minimum value of $2 million, naming the renter and the District of West Vancouver as co-insured.
  • we require a 50 per cent deposit to hold the space. The balance is due two weeks prior to the rental date. Cancellations must be given in writing one month in advance of the rental date or you will be liable for 50 per cent of the cost of the rental.
  • the security deposit required for events is 100 per cent refundable if there is no damage after the event is complete.
  • an extra cleaning fee of $100 may apply.
  • if alcohol is to be served, renters must purchase their own Special Event Permit, which can be obtained online through BC Liquor. The applicant must have, or designate someone who has,  Serving It Right or Special Event Server certification and one of these people must be present at the event during the time alcohol is being served.